Why are Fireplaces so Popular Now?

In winter, warming up by the fire, chatting and laughing happily, the warm fire is imprinted on the face. And the shadows are faint, as if the heart has melted. But now there are few new houses that burn charcoal. If you want to pursue the warmth in winter, the design of the fireplace is … Read more

Why do You Choose Marble for Carving?

Whether it is a large number of sculptures in the ancient Greek period or the Renaissance, many of them are made of marble. So there are thousands of kinds of stones in the world, and many can be used for carving. Why do Sculptors Prefer Marble? First of all, in terms of texture, granite, limestone, … Read more

Where are the Stone Gazebos Often Placed?

Where are the Stone Gazebos Often Placed? Stone pavilion refers to pavilions built with stones, mostly built on the roadside for pedestrians to rest, enjoy or watch. The stone gazebo is small in size and rigorous in plane. In terms of shape, there are four-cornered pavilions, hexagonal pavilions, octagonal pavilions, fan-shaped pavilions, double-storey pavilions, three-storey … Read more

The Role of Sculpture Art

The Role of Sculpture Art Sculpture art is a means to awaken human’s yearning for beautiful things. The art of viewing is an art of constructing a three-dimensional form in space. So sculpture art contains four functions. Load Bearing Sculpture has the function of carrying the creator’s thoughts. Sculpture records the pursuits and aspirations of … Read more

What is Garden Sculpture?

What is Garden Sculpture? Garden sculptures are often seen in our lives, especially in public places, which can often be seen. Such sculptures are generally used outdoors, and the selected themes are very wide, such as You can choose characters, historical allusions. Or choose some abstract images as the subject. Even a certain part of … Read more

How Can Stainless Steel Sculpture be More Artistic?

In landscape decoration, people often use stainless steel sculptures. The use of stainless steel sculptures has a very good decorative effect on the natural landscape. So when designing stainless steel sculptures, what problems should we pay attention to in order to make it more artistic? When people design stainless steel sculptures, they should pay attention … Read more

Miniature Buildings Carved in Marble

British artist Matthew Simmonds sculpts miniature structures in marble, reminiscent of ancient ruins and religious buildings. Matthew Simmonds is an art historian and architectural stone sculptor based in Copenhagen, Denmark, who has used stone to create a series of exquisite stone carvings. The carefully crafted architectural spaces present a complex picture of the inner world. … Read more

Fireplace Remodel Design Ideas

Fireplace Remodel Design Ideas The prototype of the fireplace can be traced back to ancient Greece and ancient Rome. During the period when European and American styles were popular in China, fireplaces became the finishing touch in these styles and became the core of the space. European and American styles pursue complicated and exaggerated shapes … Read more

The Production Process of Stone Sculpture

Stone sculpture has a very long history, and the production process of stone sculpture is constantly updated and progressed with the development of science and technology and the times. At present, the main stone carving materials in the sculpture industry are marble, granite, jade, bluestone, black stone and other stone materials. In recent years, with … Read more