The Role of Sculpture Art

Sculpture art is a means to awaken human’s yearning for beautiful things. The art of viewing is an art of constructing a three-dimensional form in space. So sculpture art contains four functions.

sculpture art

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Sculpture has the function of carrying the creator’s thoughts. Sculpture records the pursuits and aspirations of different artists in various historical periods of human development. Reflects the artist’s confidence in life and love for the world. Sculpture creators express various views on life and the world through sculpture to satisfy their spiritual expression and life pursuit.


Sculpture is an image art. It can break through the barriers of language. And the visualization and persistence of sculptures expand the influence of propaganda in time and space.


Sculpture works communicate through visual imagery. Communicate with the public in emotional thinking, so that people have a spiritual resonance. When the public is viewing the sculptures, their minds will associate with the morphological composition and material of the objects. So as to obtain rich psychological feelings.


The symbolic function of sculpture works is to show the particularity of a thing through the use of sculpture works. Or give this thing speciality to guide people’s behavior.