What are Stone Fountains?

Concept of Stone Carving Fountains

The concept of a stone carving fountain can also be called water enamel, fountain, or stone fountain. The size can be customized according to the design requirements, and the styles are rich and varied.

Use of Stone Carving Fountains

The fountain not only has the characteristics of hard, wear-resistant, and heavy natural stone, but also the texture of its surface, strong plasticity, and expressiveness, which can make it show a variety of different Art styles. Its natural decorative effect and artistic connotation in architectural and decorative spaces are unmatched by other decorative materials. The artistic texture is more natural and simple, and it truly achieves health and environmental protection, adding the finishing touch to your luxurious home villas, gardens and courtyards, entertainment venues, hotels, and environmental art.

stone fountains
Materials for Stone Carving Fountains

Sandstone fountain: Simple and elegant, it has the characteristics of natural stone, hard texture, wear-resistant, and heavy. What is rarer is its surface texture, strong plasticity, and expressiveness, bringing exquisite texture and noble vision. The feeling of perfect display of today’s fashion elements.

Yellow embroidered stone fountain: The background color of this product is yellow, the stone is hard and the color is uniform.

Granite fountain: Granite has a uniform structure, hard texture and beautiful color.

Marble fountain: The marble slabs are colorful, diverse in tones, and the patterns are all the same. This is the precious charm of the marble slabs. The color tone is basically the same, the color difference is small, and the pattern is beautiful.

Squares, parks, gardens and other places can see some sculptures as decoration. Fountains are one of the common ones, and they are generally made of stone carvings. Stone sculpture fountains can be made in various shapes to attract more tourists to play and relax here.

The stone sculpture fountain can bring people a visual impact, which will make the delicacy of the whole park colorful because of the fountain. And the stone fountain makes us feel a different artistic atmosphere. So it can be seen that stone fountains play an important role in the garden environment.

Fountain stone carvings are works of art in the entire garden environment. It is surrounded by corresponding natural landscape or landscape architectural factors, historical and cultural factors, folk customs factors, and crowd and traffic factors. These add up to the overall environmental factors of the garden. Therefore, the stone fountain plays an important role in the overall factors of the garden.