What is Garden Sculpture?

garden sculpture

Garden sculptures are often seen in our lives, especially in public places, which can often be seen. Such sculptures are generally used outdoors, and the selected themes are very wide, such as You can choose characters, historical allusions. Or choose some abstract images as the subject. Even a certain part of the body of a human or animal.

The Meaning of Garden Sculpture

The public welfare of such sculptures is often very prominent. For example, it may reflect a certain spirit of the current era, or it may show some unique ideological content. Of course, there are more sculptures that may only be used as the embellishment of a certain scenic spot. So that the scenic spot can look more beautiful. Let’s analyze what kind of garden sculpture is.

Types of Garden Sculptures

The types of garden sculptures are very broad, such as flower pots, fountains, reliefs, petroglyphs, all can become this kind of sculpture. This kind of sculpture has a strong retro atmosphere. If you really want to trace the original picture of this sculpture, it may go back to the Renaissance. Because Italian sculpture art can be said to have reached a peak stage in the Renaissance. Various street sculptures appeared at that time. There was even a special park for the exhibition of sculptures. Later, with the continuous advancement of Western literature and art, such sculptures also appeared in the courtyards of ordinary people.

Garden sculptures are more likely to appear in gardens, and sometimes in squares or public facilities. Because it can coordinate well with the surrounding environment. And the size of the space occupied is just right. More importantly, most of the themes presented are of public interest. For example, it can show the theme of love of learning, or show the theme of advocating science, etc.

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