Where are the Stone Gazebos Often Placed?

stone gazebo

Stone pavilion refers to pavilions built with stones, mostly built on the roadside for pedestrians to rest, enjoy or watch. The stone gazebo is small in size and rigorous in plane. In terms of shape, there are four-cornered pavilions, hexagonal pavilions, octagonal pavilions, fan-shaped pavilions, double-storey pavilions, three-storey pavilions and European-style pavilions. And most materials are bluestone and granite.

The key to a stone gazebo in the garden is its location. As mentioned above, the pavilion is the “end” of the garden. So it is mostly located at the intersection of sight lines. On the one hand, it embellishes the garden space and enhances the environmental level. On the other hand, it is to solve the needs of people to stop and rest in tourism and leisure.

Every garden in China has a stone gazebo. Pavilions and pavilions occupy an important position in the artistic conception of Chinese gardens. And the pavilions and pavilions have different forms, but the basic structure is the same. A roof, several pillars, and the middle is empty. So what is this building used for?

Its function is to absorb the scene of a large space into this small space. And the function of the stone pavilion is to absorb the infinite scenery of the large space. Other buildings in Chinese gardens also play such a role, all to allow visitors to enter from a small space into a large space.

The stone gazebo is small in size and rigorous in plane. Basically, they are regular geometric shapes, or combined with deformation. According to this principle, other shapes can be conceived, and it can also combine with other garden buildings such as flower racks, promenades, and water pavilions to form a group of buildings. And about more information please contact us.