Why are Fireplaces so Popular Now?

In winter, warming up by the fire, chatting and laughing happily, the warm fire is imprinted on the face. And the shadows are faint, as if the heart has melted. But now there are few new houses that burn charcoal. If you want to pursue the warmth in winter, the design of the fireplace is very necessary.

marble fireplace

Fireplace Design

Fireplace, simply understood, is to install a fire on the wall.

A stove is designed on the wall, which occupies a small area, is good for decoration. And it can be used for heating. Then it can also promote the interaction between family members.

The Location of the Fireplace

TV Backdrop
The TV background wall originally needs to be extremely decorative. And with the fireplace design, it is practical and unique. So it is the first choice!

The TV background wall is designed with a fireplace, which can be embedded in the wall. And the living room belongs to the public area. It is most practical to choose to design the TV background wall in this position.

Bedroom Lounge Area
For many houses, the space in the master bedroom is large enough. And you can choose to design the fireplace in the bedroom leisure area to enjoy a quiet and comfortable environment.

If there is no other suitable space design in the home, it is also possible to choose the aisle, which can also heat.

The Choice of Fireplace Type

After choosing the space where the fireplace is install, let’s choose the type of fireplace!

Electric Fireplace
Advantages: Safe and reliable, good decorative effect, low difficulty in decoration.
Disadvantages: The heating effect is not particularly good. And it consumes electricity.

Real Fire Fireplace
A real fire wood-burning fireplace is a fireplace that directly burns wood. Does it look very warm?

Advantages: The heating effect is the best, the decorative feeling is strong. And the later use cost is lower than that of floor heating.
Disadvantages: The installation is troublesome. And the chimney exhaust pipe needs to install, which is costly. And the later maintenance is relatively difficult.

Decorative Fireplace
Of course, there is also a fireplace that has no function and is mainly use for decoration.

The Fireplace with the Material

Marble + fireplace
②Gypsum board + fireplace
③Painboard + fireplace
④Cultural brick + fireplace
⑤Big white wall + fireplace
⑥Cabinet + fireplace

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