Why do You Choose Marble for Carving?

Whether it is a large number of sculptures in the ancient Greek period or the Renaissance, many of them are made of marble. So there are thousands of kinds of stones in the world, and many can be used for carving.

Why do Sculptors Prefer Marble?
First of all, in terms of texture, granite, limestone, diorite, bronze, ivory, wood, and clay can all be used for carving. And some of them are too hard to shape, and some are too fragile to preserve. As a metamorphic rock, marble is soft and easy to carve. And it is very suitable for sculpting flexible and complex human bodies and animals.

The soft texture of marble is used to sculpt intricate details, especially the delicate anatomy and flowing folds of the human body. So carving in marble has also become a way for artists to show their talent and dazzle, such as draperies, veils, intricate fishing nets and hanging fabrics, which are all common elements of marble sculpture.

Secondly, in terms of color, white, especially top-level marble such as Carrara white marble, is white and delicate. Then the texture is like jade, and the surface is translucent. And it is used to carve figures, which is natural and real. When combined with the superb skills of the sculptors, the advantage is comparable to that of real skin. Although ivory is also as white as jade, it is limited in size and cannot be used for large-scale artistic creations like marble.

Features of Marble Sculpture
Marble is a metamorphic or indulgent carbonate rock belonging to the category of hard rocks. The main minerals are calcite, serpentine, etc. The chemical composition is mainly calcium carbonate, accounting for more than 50%.

The marble is of good texture and rich in color.

The marble sculpture is polished and smooth, and the texture is naturally smooth. And marble has low water absorption and high durability, it can use for 40-100 years.

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