Fireplace Remodel Design Ideas

The prototype of the fireplace can be traced back to ancient Greece and ancient Rome. During the period when European and American styles were popular in China, fireplaces became the finishing touch in these styles and became the core of the space.

European and American styles pursue complicated and exaggerated shapes and strong and steady colors for the use of fireplaces, which are incompatible with the current popular styles such as light luxury and minimalism. So they conform to the fashion trend of interior design, and are simple and high-end improvements. Fireplaces are popular with homeowners because of their diverse styles, advancing with the times.

The role of the fireplace: As the main landscape of the living room of the villa, it not only creates a place for leisure and entertainment, but also its beating sparks are also a dazzling landscape.

White Marble Fireplace

A white marble fireplace is ideal if you want to add a touch of elegance to your home. It will make the whole area look elegant and calm, as it has always been one of the homeowners’ top choices. The best part is that it can be used with any style. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether the decoration style of the whole home is modern or European, because the white marble fireplace is a classic. It will stay in style forever and trends will last forever.

Black Stone Fireplace

Black has always been a style-keeping color. If you already have a stone fireplace, you can always paint it black for a new look. It will give your home a modern look and make the fireplace the center of attention.

Grey Ornate Fireplace

Neutrals always look beautiful. Recently, people opt for such shades in their homes as beige, gray, brown, etc. However, if you want your fireplace to stand out and look stylish, a grey ornate fireplace might be the way to go. Rich grays will give your home a cozy and elegant feel that you won’t find anywhere else. Grey tiles will be the center of attention and bring the entire look of the fireplace together. You can decorate your mantel with ornaments for the best look.